Building Inspections

Once you have obtained a Building Permit it is your legal responsibility to notify the Building Department when your project is ready for one of its inspections.

Please call (705) 534-7248 Ext. 220 at least two business days in advance to book an inspection, and have the Building Permit number available. 

Notices and Inspections are regulated by of the Ontario Building Code, these have been summarized below:

1Footings - prior to placing concrete, or for preserved wood foundations, prior to placing the wood floor sheathing or concrete slab.

2. Foundation - usually done just prior to back-filling so that damp proofing, drainage tile and stone cover are visible.

3. Plumbing Underground - prior to placing concrete slab. Municipal water service and sewer connections prior to backfill. A ball test will be required on underground sewer pipes and a pressure test on underground water piping. 

4. Framing - this is done before any insulation is placed that would obscure the view of any framing. All wiring, ductwork, plumbing and other services should be completed since their installation often requires altering the framing. The Engineered drawings for roof, floor trusses and manufactured beams and columns must be on site for this inspection.

5. Plumbing Rough-in - this inspection is often done at the same time as framing. Also the drainage and venting systems must be either air or water tested during the inspection (but with much less pressure). Water distribution pipes also need to have an air test with visible gauge ready for inspection.

6. Chimney/Fireplace - for masonry and zero clearance fireplaces, a rough-in inspection and a final inspection are required.

7. Insulation, Air & Vapour Barrier -should be done just prior to covering with any interior wall and ceiling finishes.

8. Building Occupancy includes:

  • All handrails, guards (railings) and other protective devices around stairwells, landings and balconies.
  • All steps and decks installed at required exits.
  • All smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in place and functioning.
  • Doors between attached garage and dwelling unit to be equipped with self-closing device and the walls separating the house and garage must be vapour and fume proofed.
  • Sewage disposal system final approval
  • Water supply, electrical, and heat services approved, installed, and in full functioning order.
  • See Article Ontario Building Code for a complete list of requirements for occupancy.

Note: For private wells proof of potable water will be required prior to occupancy, have your water checked beforehand by Simcoe County Health Unit.

9. Building Interior - Final fully completed interior for all items covered by the Ontario Building Code. 

10. Building Exterior - Final fully completed exterior for all items covered by the Ontario Building Code, including decks, porches and grading. 

Important - Inspection will be conducted within 2 days following the day of the request as per Ontario Building Code requirements. 

The Building Code Act makes it your legal responsibility to notify the Building Department and arrange an inspection prior to occupying a building. No building may be occupied until an occupancy inspection has been passed. Final inspections are required to close the permit file. An open building permit may cause delays at the time of sale or mortgage of a property. Building permits that are not closed within four years will be invoiced an annual Maintenance Fee as per the fee by-law until the Final Inspection has been passed.

Getting your Final Inspection and closing your permit will not impact your (tax) Assessment. A Final Inspection will ensure that the future sale of your home is not interrupted, and would let you know that your home complies with the Ontario Building Code. Getting your final inspection will ensure not having to book it years from now which may be more disruptive and may require an Engineers review.

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