Driveways, Entrances and Culverts

If you're looking to build a new driveway or modify an existing one, Tay Township regulates the construction and maintenance of driveways and entrances.

Entrance Permit Applications are available at the Tay Township Municipal Office or downloaded below.

Permits must be obtained and approved by the Township prior to commencing the work.

The location of the entrance permit application is inspected by the Roads and Fleet Manager before issuing the permit and after the work has been completed.

The Public Works Department will contact the property owner when the Entrance Permit has been approved and ready for pick up.

Payment is made when the permit is ready for pick up.  The permit fees are:

New Entrances:  $60

Paving or Alteration to Existing: FREE

Entrance Permits may be revoked if work is not completed within two months or, was issued under false or mistaken information.

Driveway Culverts (if required)

Each owner of a property, which fronts on a Township roadway, shall be responsible for the supply and installation of a driveway culvert as per Township specification.

Culvert Clean Out

The Township is responsible for cleaning and flushing debris from culverts. If you have a culvert that is blocked with debris, contact the Operational Services Department at ext. 230 or ext. 255.

Tay Township Culvert Requirements
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