Paradise Point and Grandview Beach Servicing

Grandview Beach and Paradise Point - Vacant Lot Partial Release of Development Freeze Randomized Selection Process

Letters to owners of vacant properties in the Grandview Beach and Paradise Point area, currently subject to a development freeze, were mailed on April 19, 2022, explaining the process to participate in the randomized selection process for the partial release of lots from the development freeze.

Property owners who were interested in developing their vacant lot either now, or in the futurewere required to express their interest to do so by completing and submitting the Randomized Selection Process Participation Waiver to the Township by June 15, 2022.


Paradise Point and Grandview Beach Update March 2022

Process for Partial Release of Development Freeze – Grandview Beach and Paradise Point

Council’s intent is to partially release the development freeze on up to 20 vacant lots within the Grandview Beach and Paradise Point area. Using key findings from the 2021 Hydrogeological Study of the area, and with year round municipal water servicing now in place, development of vacant lots should be able to proceed without an adverse effect on the two area aquifers of Severn Sound. However, due to uncertainty about nitrate attenuating processes of the aquifers a staged approach is recommended and that upon buildout of 20 vacant lots, the area be monitored for 3 years before determining if additional lots should be built out. To facilitate the selection of the first 20 lots to be developed, in a fair process, the Township will conduct a randomized selection process to select 20 lots for development. Release of lots will require the Township to initiate Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments that can be undertaken concurrently with the randomized selection process to release vacant lots. Construction on vacant lots could start as early as the fall of 2022. Letters will be sent out to all vacant land owners within the subject area advising them of the randomized selection process, the details of the process and the requirement to register their interest in developing a vacant lot and sign a release/waiver in order for their property to be considered.

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