Tay Shore Trail

Tay Trail Map

Gifted to Tay Township in 2004 by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, construction on the Tay Shore Trail was completed in 2007. The completed multi-use paved trail stretches 18.5 km through the Township and is registered as part of the Trans Canada Trail.

From the Wye River to Waubaushene and into Port McNicoll along the Trestle Trail, users can enjoy the nature setting of the trail which is enhanced by informative plaques outlining the natural and historical aspects of our municipality.

The Tay Shore Trail passes through wetland, field and wooded areas, over the Wye, Hogg and Sturgeon Rivers and into our quaint community villages where you can stroll our downtowns and stop for lunch.

As with any trail that winds through natural areas, natural vegetation, including weeds are located along side the trail.

Put on your walking shoes and get active. Spend some time exploring the wonders of the Tay Shore Trail

Please ensure you stay on the paved trail areas.


Posion Ivy

  • Expect and respect other trail users.
  • Stay on the trail! Respect neighbouring landowners by staying off private property.
  • Take only pictures leave only footprints and leave the trail as you found it.
  • Please place garbage in the receptacles provided - help to keep the trail clean.
  • Keep to the right to allow other users to pass on your left.
  • Wheels give way to heels - please be mindful of users who are going at a slower pace than you.
  • Maintain control of you pets. Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Stoop and Scoop is mandatory!
  • Use extra caution at access points and yield to traffic when crossing roads.
  • Avoid making excessive noise.
  • Obey all posted regulatory signs. Use trails only according to the permitted uses indicated on the signage, pursuant to Township By-law.
  • Motorized vehicles including but not limited to snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and power assisted bicycles (E-bikes) are NOT permitted on the trail.

The Tay Shore Trail is a municipal park and was constructed for the enjoyment of all residents. It is one of our anchors for Tourism and the municipality has been recognized for its efforts in encouraging healthy and active lifestyles.

Council, with the assistance of the Tay Shore Trail Committee, has adopted a number of policies regarding the Trail, in an effort to ensure that it is maintained and used in as safe a manner as possible. Recent activity along the trail where property owners are cutting grass and trees, storing boats and other recreational or household items, creating gardens or in any way, affecting the municipal property has become an increasing concern. For this reason, Council has adopted the Guidelines Regarding Trail Encroachments, and property owners are advised to have the encroachments removed.

Please help us in ensuring that the Tay Shore Trail continues to be a pleasant and safe experience for all users. If you have any questions regarding the criteria, would you please contact our Municipal Law Enforcement Officers at either extension 248 or 237.

Encroachment Guidelines

Native Plant Species List

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