Location of Mailbox

The proper placement and maintenance of rural mailboxes ensures continued safe delivery of mail by Canada Post.

Mailboxes along rural Tay roads should be located so that no part of the mailbox protrudes beyond the shoulder of the roadway. This is to ensure the safety of road users and to aid in proper snow removal along the roadway during the winter months.

If mailboxes are not installed in the correct location the Township will notify the owner verbally or in writing, to rectify the situation at his/her expense. If the mailbox is not removed the Township may have it removed to take legal steps to have it removed.


On occasion after heavy snowfall mailboxes are damaged or pushed off its support/mounted position. The Township will only repair or replace mailboxes and mountings if damage is the result from an act of carelessness on the part of the Township. (Example-Mailbox not clearly visible)

The replacement cost will limited to the cost of a standard box and/or post.

The Township will not be responsible for plastic mailboxes.

Snow Removal

Canada Post provides snow removal at the brown community mail boxes only.   

Snow clearance at the green group mail boxes is the responsibility of the residents receiving their mail at these boxes.

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