Infiltration and Inflow Program

Infiltration and inflow happens when storm or ground water enters municipal wastewater systems through cracked pipes, downspouts and sump pumps from homes that are connected to the sanitary system.

This water then enters the sanitary system which adds to the daily volume of wastewater that is collected, pumped and treated.

Problems that occur when too much water enters the sewers:

  • Sewage backup into resident's homes.
  • Sewage may overflow from manholes or bypass treatment facilities.
  • Sanitary plants require upgrades sooner than designed resulting in increased utility bills to residents.
  • Infiltration and inflow will use up existing capacity in our sewers which will restrict the opportunity for growth.
  • Excessive water in our sewers will decrease the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and will result in higher operating costs of plants which will increase utility bills.

Property owners can disconnect downspouts & sump pumps, which are connected to the sanitary system.

Rebates are available to property owners who are currently water and/or wastewater system users if they disconnect downspouts or sump pumps from the sanitary system and adhere to building department guidelines and permits. Owners can receive a rebate and SAVE up to $250.00.

Rebate Application 

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