Winter Maintenance

Roads within Tay Township are maintained by three separate authorities; the County of Simcoe, the Ministry of Transportation, and Tay Township.  The majority of the roads are the responsibility of the Township to maintain, with the exception of the following:

County of Simcoe, Maintenance Operations
Customer Service Centre

T. 705-735-6901
Toll Free: 1-800-263-3199

  • Vasey Road
  • Old Fort Road

Ministry of Transportation
Carillion Canada Inc.
T. 1-866-618-0825

  • Highway 12 

  • Highway 93

Public Works Department After Hours
T. 705-526-5762


With an accumulation of snow, main roads are cleared first to ensure that you and emergency service vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, can safely travel to hospitals, schools, and work during or immediately after a snowfall.

Residential streets are cleared to a snow-packed surface condition.

Heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes delay the snow removal process.

Clearing of snow bank at all residential, commercial and industrial driveways and entrances is the responsibility of the property owner.


Sand trucks are dispatched at the start of a snowfall and at the first sign that roads are becoming icy. Streets with the greatest volume of traffic are sanded first.
Sand is used on snow-packed local residential streets at intersections, hills, and curves.

Sanding Policy


Sidewalks are to be cleared within 48 hours after the end of the snow fall. Heavy snowfalls or successive storm events can sometimes extend these periods.

Winter Sidewalk Maintenance Policy


A. Keep parked cars off the street so that ploughs can move through the streets more effectively. When a snow storm is in the forecast, you should ensure that you purchase any food, medication, and household supplies that you might need for the next 48 hours. Try to stay off the streets.

A. Streets that are considered to be arterial/priority roads get ploughed first to ensure proper access through the Township for emergency vehicles and access to Provincial Highways for local traffic. 

A. The plough operators cannot control the amount of snow that is pushed off the wing of the plough. The plough moves the snow from the middle to the side of the road, creating a windrow of snow at the edge of the road including the ends of driveways. It is the responsibility of the resident to remove the snow from the end of the driveway, as this is not a service the Township provides.

A. The first house to the right of an intersection usually receives more snow in front of the house and driveway. This is because the snow plough sweeps a much larger area while turning versus traveling in a straight line.

A. It is the Townships goal to have all streets ploughed within 24 hours after the snowfall has concluded. On occasions such as heavy snow squalls or ongoing snow storms, ploughing operations may take longer. In the event of major snow storms, operations will focus on keeping the arterial roads clear for emergency services and to ensure proper access to priority Highways.

A. The plough may be driving with the blade up for a couple reasons. Ploughs will lift their blade while driving to and from their designated routes, on roads that have already been cleared, and on County or Provincial roads. The blade may also be lifted to avoid scraping off recently applied salt and sand from the road surface.

A. At the beginning of the winter during the first few snowfalls, it is hard for sidewalk plough operators to see exactly where the sidewalk is. In these situations it is likely that some sections of sod can be damaged. This may also occur in the later winter months during thawing periods when winter control operations are still needed. If sod has been damaged by the sidewalk machine, you can email or call the Operations Administrative Assistant to create a service request for the sod to be repaired in the spring.

Winter maintenance and road safety is a priority to ensure the safety of Tay Township roads.

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